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PatentMaker 2.1 – PDF-files, Case-specific Reference Numbers, And Much More

We have updated PatentMaker to version 2.1. Please read below to learn more about some of the new and improved features:

Quickly create EPO-compatible PDF files

A new “Create PDFs” button has been added to the PatDoc ribbon, which will create “clean” and “marked-up” PDF copies of the current document. This uses the Amyuni printer driver if installed, so the resulting PDFs are suitable for sending to the EPO.

Generate reply directly from claims document

If you’re working on a Claims document in Word and want to respond to the patent office you can now do this from within the Addin, without having to open the case in the PatentMaker application.

The feature to automatically add reference numbers remains a favorite among customers, and we are very happy to announce even more functionality for it.

Save case-specific reference numbers

Any changes you make to the automatically generated list of Reference Numbers are now saved for the case you’re working on, so they will still be there next time you open the panel. A new “Reset” button has been added if you need to discard your changes and revert to the automatically generated list.

The parsing and application of reference numbers has also been improved, better handling cases where one term is a prefix or suffix of another term.

Improved prior art highlighting

When opening Prior Art documents retrieved by PatentMaker paragraphs referred to in citations are automatically highlighted in the document. This already existing feature has now been extended to also highlight cited figures.

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