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PatentMaker 2.2 – Templates, OneDrive®/Sharepoint®, Grant/Validation Information

We have updated PatentMaker to version 2.2. Please read below to learn more about some of the new and improved features:

With the new version 2.2 of PatentMaker we continue our focus on making your work more efficient.

Context menu for Response Options

Right-clicking on a response option in the header of the Case Window now opens a new context menu, with links to allow the user to easily edit the existing template or create a new one - either for all clients or specific to the current applicant:

Grant/Validation Information section

A new Grant/Validation section has been added to File History for granted EP patents. PatentMaker now downloads the granted patent document and lists the countries where the annual fees have been paid in the last 12 months. PatentMaker also connects to the new technical interface of the Unified Patent Court (currently still in beta test) to see if the patent has been opted out of the UPC.

Microsoft® OneDrive and Sharepoint support

The PatentMaker Addin for Microsoft Word now supports documents stored in OneDrive synched folders, as well as opening documents directly from OneDrive or Sharepoint.

Genese Archive Filters

The following updates are exclusive to the Genese-enabled version of PatentMaker. 

A new set of controls for filtering the Genese view has been added at the top of the document list – it is possible to filter on whether documents were received or sent, the document type or to search for any text in the document name. If a local copy of the archive is available and Windows Search Indexing is active then the text content of all documents can also be searched within the fraction of a second:

Export to Genese

Dragging a file from outside PatentMaker into the Genese document list now allows the user to upload the document to Genese. A dialog will open to specify the status, document type and name of the document to create in Genese – these are pre-populated with appropriate values based on the filename of the document, but can be modified if necessary:

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